Registered Mushers for 2018

Musher Hometown
Bailey VitelloMilan, NH
Rico PortalatinMilo, ME
Steve CroneBethel, ME
Tom RoigMcMillan, MI
Ed CliffordRaymond, NH
Sally ManikianShelburne, NH

Musher Hometown
Geri MinardNewberry, MI
Christine RichardsonCanaan, NH
Kelley McGrathWonalancet, NH

Musher Hometown
Sean de WolskiMillbury MA

Musher Hometown
Scott IsabelleWolfeboro, NH

Musher Hometown

10 Dog Mushers


Age: 20
Occupation: Musher and Carpenter

Previous Race Experience:
2015 Can AM 30 First Place
2015 GNWC Mid Distance Second Place
2017 Can Am 100 Fourth Place
2017 IFSS Winter World Championship Third Place

I am a second generation musher and have been racing since I was a small child. I love to be on the trails with my dogs and I am very grateful for the amazing athletes that are on my team this year. In the future I hope to complete the cam am 250 and compete in the Iditarod.


Age: 63
Occupation: Owner, New England dogsledding

Previous Race Experience:
Can-Am Crown 250 4x

I've been working with sled dogs and running a wilderness lodge in Maine for the past 25 years. We pride ourselves in treating our dogs like family and have a large retired dog community in addition to our running dogs.


Age: 46
Occupation: Card Manager

Previous Race Experience:
CanAm 100 2016 (3rd place)
Many mid-distance races in New England

Into dog powered sports since 1998. When not running dogs, I enjoy participating in half marathons. To fuel up for the races I enjoy oatmeal raisin cookies and homemade lasagna.


Age: 68
Occupation: Self-Employed Landscaper

Previous Race Experience:
UP200, Midnight Run, Seney 300, Can-Am, Participated in Iditarod (did not finish), Tahquamenon Country Sled Dog Race, Jack Pine 30

Born in Ohio. Age 68. Graduated with a degree in Landscape Construction and Contracting from Ohio State/ATI in 1991. Owner of T&B Landscapes and Valley Road Outfitters(wilderness canoe guide). Was involved in Marathon Canoe Racing for twenty years. After a long distance trap line trip with Wayne Hall out of Eagle, Alaska in 1995, I came back to Ohio with a new appreciation for Alaskan sled dogs. Started our own kennel followed by recreational, sprint, mid-distance and long distance mushing. Dog handler and wife, Brenda.


Age: 52
Occupation: UPS

Previous Race Experience:
Half a decade beginning with one dog junior at age 3

At this point I've forgotten more races than I can remember. We've become a 4 season racing kennel, competing in snow and dryland events all across North America and two trips to Europe for World Championship competition. This is my second trip to the Great North Woods Sled Dog Challenge.


Age: 35
Occupation: Conservation

Previous Race Experience:
UP200 2018 13th Place, UP200 2017 9th place, UP200 2016 8th place
Can Am 250 2017 9th Place, Can Am 250 2016 6th Place, Can Am 250 2015 9th Place
Great Northwoods Sleddog Challenge 2015 2nd place (Sprint class)
Eagle Lake 100 2018 8th Place, Mahoosuc 100 2016 4th place, Eagle Lake 100 2015 4th Place.
Wilderness Sled Dog Race 60 mile 2017 6th Place, Wilderness Sled Dog Race 60 Mile 2015 3rd Place.

Raised in a family with cats, fish, guinea pigs, birds, hamsters, and rats (yes, pet rats), I was not comfortable with dogs until I met my first sled dogs over a decade ago. I started in guiding and giving tours, and after a few years didn't want someone in my sled anymore--I wanted to be alone on the trail with the dogs. I started my own team and have been racing ever since.

I run mid-distance races, but I love this race as a great season-ender with fast runs and short distances, and a chance to share the trail with so many different kinds of teams. This year, as with other years, I have accumulated a few new dogs and short races like this are great to get the dogs out in the team in a race before the season ends. I also love to support this race as it is in my home-region of Coos County!

I live in Shelburne, NH, and work for The Conservation Fund as the NH and VT Representative.

6 Dog Mushers


Age: 46
Occupation: Insurance agent

Forest Insurance Center, Dr. Hilary Newby, Joe and Bonnie Bennett, David and Joan Coven, Superior Health and Wellness, Mr. And Mrs. Bernard Bak, Ron and Carolyn Ford, Jay and Loretta Hollnagel, Angel Hardy and Robert Robinson, Mike and Markeeta Maki

Previous Race Experience:
2017 Copperdog 80 miles 1st place
2017 Tahquamenon Country Sled Dog race 30 miles 4th place
2016 Tahquamenon Country Sled Dog race 30 miles 4th place
2016 Copperdog 80 miles 5th place
2015 Tahquamenon Country Sled dog race 30 miles 2nd place
2010 UP200 240 miles 9th place
2009 UP200 240 miles 13th place

My husband Rick and I have a small kennel of 13 dogs. I have been running dogs for 18 years. I became interested in sled dogs after going on a sled dog day trip in Bayfield, WI. I spent the next year handling for a kennel before buying my first sled dog. In addition to running dogs I enjoy trail running and run half marathons and 10K's.


Age: 52

Previous Race Experience:
CanAm250 2015 5th place
CanAm100 2016 6th place
CanAm30 2017 2nd place
Beargrease120 2018 15th place

I live in Canaan, NH with my partner Kip and 23 Alaskan huskies. I have been running dogs for more than 20 years and am in the twilight of my racing career but still having fun!


Age: 55
Occupation: Database Manager

Previous Race Experience:
2018 Brownville 20 - 1st of 10ish teams
2018 Chinook 25 - 1st of 3 teams
2017 Sprint World championships - several top 10 finishes

For the last few years Fran Plaisted and I have combined efforts in sprint racing, both dryland and on snow. Last year, after the World Championships in Haliburton, we increased our mileage to test the waters of mid-distance racing. We, along with the dogs, enjoyed the longer distances so this year we wanted to focus on 20-30 mile races. Stage racing is a new race format for us and we are excited to be participating for the first time this year!

Skijor Mushers


Age: 30
Occupation: Engineer

Previous Race Experience:
Great North Woods Sled Dog Challenge 2017, 60 miles, 1st of 1 in skijor
Wonalancet 2018, 14 miles, 1st in skijor
Various fun runs around new England

I began running sled dogs when I met my wife, Amy, in 2008. We keep a few racing dogs as pets at our house in Massachusetts and occasionally run with her parents' kennel in Maine. Most of our miles come from biking and skiing. This will be my second year in the stage race and it's the one I've been training for all season.

I also enjoy four season backpacking and get my tow sport fix with water-skiing in the summer. My dogs' other hobbies include backpacking, agility, and couch potatoeism.